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Saturday 26th September 2020, KO 12:30 UTC.
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Please can the footballing gods let this happen!

Fri Jul 17, 2020 9:24 pm

Interesting possibility pointed out to me today concerning CL places

The top 2 places are determined. The battle for 3rd/4th/5th is still very much on if we look at the current table with all teams having 2 games to play:

3.Chelsea 63pts GD+15
4.Leicester 62pts GD+31
5.ManUnited 62pts GD +28

Next round of games:
Spurs v Leicester
United v WHU
Liverpool v Chelsea

It isnt inconceivable that Leicester and United could win their games and Chelsea could lose theirs..let's call them all 1-0 results for simplicity's sake. The new table would then look:

3.Leicester 65pts GD+32
4.United 65pts GD +29
5.Chelsea 63pts GD+14

Then on the final day, Chelsea play Wolves whilst Leicester and United play each other. This would leave the intriguing possibility of us and Leicester playing out a "Germany v Austria style" draw* knowing that, to break into the top 4 Chelsea would have to beat Wolves about 15-0!

I would feel a dodgy billionaire's bank balance sized slice of Schadenfreude if something like that were to play out for real! :party: :party: :dance:

* For those unfamiliar with this episode, google "German v Austria 1982 World Cup"!

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