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Did it make you envious as well?

Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:22 pm

I have been drooling all day at the performance of Real Madrid last night

This was as near a perfect performance that i can remember
I have a lot of respect for Juventus as i like they organise and work defensively
Not personally my style of football but it works for them or at least it had until last night

An excellent first half and Juvetus were still in it at half time
Then in 15 minutes it was all over
By the hour Madrid were in cruise control and don't forget what a game to be in cruise control.The fornicating Champions league final

To watch Madrid was an honour
They move the ball so quickly and so accurately they are impossible to play against
Every forward attack gives them two or three options and the players are supreme enough to make the right choice 99% of the time

Prior to studying them last night i believed they were four levels above us and i actually believed the onnly team in the premier league who could give them a game next season was Chelsea
I have now reconsidered
I think they are 8 levels above us and i think they are 4 levels above Chelsea
It will take something special to stop them next season

It makes me want to not give a shit who we sign in the summer as it won't scratch at the surface
That is if we even had the desire to start building a team to challenge for the Premier league never mind Europe which i don't believe we have,as you know

I gave a wry smile when i looked at the Madrid team
From Ronaldo who we used to have through to Gareth Bale who was joining us when Ronaldo came back after lying Ed Woodward left the pre season on urgent transfer business
Remember Maverick and a few others huring their todgers when it was guaranteed Kroos was joining
Modric was strongly linked to us until the greedy useless piece of shit had the balls to join Madrid
I am glad he has not done anything with his career since :laugh: :laugh:

Isco was on our hit list and even Benzema was mentioned at one point

I am glad none of those joined as we would have ended up shit
I am really happy we got Falcao,Di Maria,Schweinsteiger and Zlatan
The team of the future eh

So did any of you drool like me?

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Re: Did it make you envious as well?

Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:54 pm

I can't and don't want to deny it. Absolutely f**king sublime!


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Re: Did it make you envious as well?

Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:18 am

Total Annihilation and Yes..
I was envious.
Dislike Madrid as a club but very happy for Ronaldo. What a legend this guy has become and he's still going strong.
I remember when we played Madrid in the CL a few years back and SAF said that the only way to stop him is with an AK47 (or something like that...)

And yes. We are a few levels below them. Not 8 but quite a few.

Having said that, I think Ronaldo was the difference between those two teams. Take him out of the team and Juve might have had a chance, but with this beast on the pitch Madrid had the edge..

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