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2013/14 Top 4 Predictions?

Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:36 pm

Not sure if anyone has done one of these topics but, just wanting to know your top 4 next season?

1. Chelsea: Mourinho already has EPL experience, great squad, and manages to get the best out of any player which will be interesting being as he has Mata and Hazard now.
Jose did say he wanted to play more of his young players but, if they were slip up and cost Chelsea points then I cannot see Jose play them on a regular basis and he'll stick with more
of a safer, reliable, and stable squad like he's done with every other club.

2. Manchester United: I'm very optimistic about United and I know we've all been on the band-wagon whether or not Moyes will be the right man for the job but, like Mourinho,
he too has EPL experience. Moyes made Everton a strong squad with little budget and if United do get at-least 1 top player in, then we've just got much of a chance as any other team.
Also Moyes most likely sort out the midfield once and for all.

3. Manchester City: Yes they've spent like a billion, got top new manager Pellegrini, and bought some talented players like Fernandino and Navas. The only advantage other teams
have out of this is the inexperience of new players and manager. Depending on how quick they adapt to fast paced English football it could be a blow for them but, if they were to get
all the boxes ticked then I would place City second ahead on United because of the quality of the team they'll have.

4. Arsenal: Arsenal played amazing last 10 or so games last season but, I still cannot see them becoming title challenges... yet. still think there's room for improvement.
Defence is becoming a brick wall same with the wingers and mid but, I would say there strike force wasn't dominant or made an impact and if they can find the right forward then sooner
or later Arsenal won't keep on winning their 4th place trophy.

Spurs has always been an exciting team to watch but there isn't enough quality and if Bale was to leave then it's all doom no gloom, same with Liverpool sort of.
They've made multiple signings but only averagely good players and comparing squads Liverpool is not at the top 4 or maybe 5.

BEBE is Moyes saviour, Manchester United's future, a legend in the making

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