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Sheffield United in the Premier League.
Sunday 24th November 2019, KO 16:30 UTC.
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My games to watch next season

Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:52 pm

I got my daily email today from United
They were proud to announce that the lounge i have been using since the day it was opened has been refurbished
I knew that was happening over the summer as my two tickets went up by almost £1000 each
I am told it is stunning by people i trust so i am looking forward to seeing it

However if anybody can fornicate it up United can
They can't get enough seats in the lounge to get everybody sat down so it is a first come first served basis.
After that you stand up
As my health has been poor this last year i can't stand for long periods but i got the usual "there is nothing i can do!!"
Also the food has gone from an all you can eat carvery for an extortionate £29 to a choice of 4 dishes
Choice 1 will be fish and chips for FIFTEEN POUNDS
Choice 2 will be Curry for FIFTEEN POUNDS
the other two will rotate game by game but will be "street food" for FIFTEEN POUNDS
This therefore will be my last season in this stand

So to my games
I will be attending all the local leasing.com games for a laugh and to see the kids
I will be also trying to get to all/most Europa league games as i believe there is a realistic chance this could be United's last season in any European competition
Anybody who is half honest will see City and Liverpool for the title
Spurs will be third and maybe even closer if they get anything over the line today

That leaves one champions league spot and two Europa league slots to be fought over by 5 teams
They are Chelsea,Arsenal(who have outbought us with a transfer budget of only £45m),Everton have got to be looked at now as they are both improving and investing and possibly same comments for Wolves and of course United
Two of that lot won't be in Europe in 2020/21.One could be us

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