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Is the Pogba transfer circus actually over

Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:37 am

A friend and i were talking about how little United have actually spent and how they are going to spin this,as usual,to make it look like they have backed Ole with fortunes
The headline will surely say the club has backed Ole with a massive £150m(Maguire 80,Wan Bassaka 50 and James 20) but it won't show that since selling Fellaini for 8m we have lost his wages plus Carrick(retired),Herrara(gone)Valencia(retired) plus cuts in wages for the entire squad of over 20% plus a new reduced contract for Mata.All adds up to a big number
We will also get £75m back for Lukaku so net top line is £150-83m=£67m which in todays market is chicken feed
Take into account the wages savings and there is not a lot in it

I can see them getting rid of some of the defenders such as one of Smalling or Jones and possibly Fred or Sanchez or Darmian during the season probably at Xmas
But what about Pogba

I know United would NEVER do anything devious or underhanded under these owners but is it possible that they've told Pogba to stay put and keep quiet until the season starts this weekend.
Go on tour,sell tickets and shirts and when the window closes kick up merry fornicate and appear to force the issue
We won't stand in your way privately but on the surface we will make it look like we are desperate to keep you
You still have a couple of weeks to get to Europe
You get your tranfer and we get the readies
We can bullshit the fans and Adidas that we will be investing in a world class player next summer.After all the idiots believed taht when we sold Ronaldo and we've still got that money

That couldn't happen.COULD IT??

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First Team Player
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Re: Is the Pogba transfer circus actually over

Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:25 pm

Just spotted this in the papers
Adidas are doing a behind the scenes documentary and have taken Manchester United on board
Well done Sir Richard Arnold.Got to be worth a bonus as i assume the club are getting a big chunk of money out to the Caymans
https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football ... ource=push

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