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Shirts etc

Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:05 pm

A couple of items of kit have just popped out and are available cheap
Let me know if anybody wants anything
1Pogba players shirt from with Carabao Cup badges-£150 plus postage(Pogba did not play in this tournament so it is unclear whether it was prepared for a game,just in case,or maybe a photo shoot).It has all the differences between a players shirt and a replica shirt)
2 A pair of Phil Neville worn boots £150 plus postage-His name is written on the side
3 A fully signed replica shirt from 2018/19.This was used for sponsors and charities and raffles.Looks great framed.-£100 plus postage

I am waiting to see what,if anything came back from the tour ie shirts,tracksuits,t shirts.If anybody fancies anything should it appear let me know and we can discuss possible prices.they won't be expensive

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