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Director Of Football Search

Mon May 13, 2019 9:07 pm

This is taking ages however, what are your views on the names being bandied around?

I once asked a question around how a technical director would work with a manager.

Ray came up with one response which I largely agree with - i.e. they present the manager with a bunch of potential targets based on the club's direction and ethos, the manager and coaching team makes a choice as to who they want, and then proceed to negotiate almost to the signature to get that player (I reckon the technical director would play a big role here to make that happen personally), while the financial director sanctions the budget.

This considered - I totally agree with Gary Neville that you want 'First in class' operators working in this role. Especially considering we love Ole, but are not 100% on how good a manager he'll be, and for some, that's putting it mildly. We used to vilify Phelan (after Querioz left), but in that coaching setup, he's the most deserving of his role based on actual achievements.

On to the actual Technical Director / DOF role:
How come for a club this size, and with a job this huge, the names we're looking at are mostly players who just retired, have never played outside England, and have no experience of the role?
Rio Ferdinand
Darren Fletcher

There was the RB Leipzig superstar fella (which looks more and more unlikely with the names being thrown around these days and with the other suitors being mentioned) but you have to wonder the thinking with the rest of them.

Perhaps we're trying to do an Ajax and we're looking to get people who have the ethos ingrained in them to occupy key roles, which would make sense, however, these names have ZERO track record. If we were going for that, we've had ex players who have managed, dealt with transfers, etc. but we're not hearing about them - that way you get the ethos, and maybe '28th in class' or thereabouts at least! :laugh:

The more cynical read on things is that we're truly seeking the cheapest options, and actually looking for Woodwardian puppets

Your views folks?

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Re: Director Of Football Search

Mon May 13, 2019 9:47 pm

If I'm honest, I don't see the Glazers resp. Ed Woodward giving away any power within the franchise... erm, the club in foreseeable future so, to me, the whole thing doesn't make any sense and would be nothing more than a further couple of millions p.a. thrown away without any substantial/positive effect. The one so called "in charge" would in fact be nothing but Ed's envoy.


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Re: Director Of Football Search

Tue May 14, 2019 7:17 am

Your thoughts are moving you guys in the right direction
Let me take you a bit deeper
To be director of football is not about having been a good footballer.It is about understanding the game together with a vast spying network in and around other clubs/countries and having a fantastic phone book/networking circle of people you trust and who trust you
Add to that the knowledge of the specific type of player your club and your manager are looking for and you have a director of football

I will now explain why United are on completely the wrong track.
Why don't we revisit this thread in say August and again in the next transfer window

So to explain why United are going in the wrong direction imo let's follow this through
Both the previous posters have part of the story
The Glazers imo are doing a smoke and mirrors yet again.
Whilst actually not giving a shit and with having not the slightest intention to give up any power via Woodward they need the usual "proud to announce" drum roll scenario that takes the ttention away from the money grabbing exercises they do so well

By offering the job to Paddy Evra which he declined after thinking about it they believed they could get in a former hero,like Ole,who they can blame when the job goes wrong as it inevitably will do
The Glazers are so far detached from the life blood of this club that they deem Rio for his spirit and Darren Fletcher for his personal courage in the face of illness to be somebody that United fans will latch on to and calm down from screaming for a full overhaul
Rio was/is cheap(Glazernomics at work) but the Glazers are frightened that it is nothing more than a money making opportunity for Rio to bring his own current agency players to Old Trafford.He is currently on the back burner
Darren Fletcher is also cheap(Glazernomics) and is currently favourite.The problem for United fans is that he has minimal contacts and minimal ambition.It cannot work
Van der Saar was also considered but he has not applied for the job.He is happy at Ajax.I am hearing Woodward thought he might be good as Ajax seem to get a lot of kids through the ranks and sell them for large profits.The Glazers like that idea.However when it was explained the Glazers had abandoned the youth academy and its set up that had done job that job at Old Trafford since 1945 because they thought it was too expensive and too slow to show a profit on a player they abandoned Edwin
So at the moment they are looking for a cheap puppet director of football to back up a cheap manager to take the shit away from Ed Woodward on paper.My opinion is that if they can't find that person they will leave things as they are and Ed Woodward will have to lay low(if that is more possible than the prick who doesn't speak anyway) and ride it out
Although millions as a potential cost was suggested by Subxero they will see it as an extension/ part of Ole's salary(remember at £7m pa Ole is on half of what Jose was on and in return brings in 500 Norwegians a game who generate £40/50m a season)
Power will not move because Ed Woodward epitomises what this club is all about ie ONLY PROFIT
So with Ed Woodward/Matt Judge we have a director of football with the clubs current ethos at heart

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