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Re: Transfer window not that far away

Wed May 15, 2019 9:40 am

The big problem as usual is the deafening silence that is coming out of Old Trafford from the top
Not a word is ever spoken to the fans about ambition,policy,plans etc
You hear daily from the sales team with tickets for the legends game,membership joining details etc but when you ask the sales staff about what might be happening next season all you get is a fired up salesperson insisting "It will be great,wait and see"

Very frustrating with fans discussing who is good and who they would like and who should go and the reality is that at the moment all i can see are definate cutbacks with Valencia and Herrara gone to join Carrick and Fellaini without anybody coming in
So far it's Woodward £10m from Fellaini plus combined wages savings of approx £25m v Fans ZERO
Add to that season ticket money in of god knows how much v Fans entertainment ZERO
And finally players wages minus 25% savings to Woodward for not being in the champions league v Ambition ZERO

I suppose that would be Glazernomics ar work again

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