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happy new year + new year hopes

Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:37 am

First of all a happy new year to all of you

It's that time for most to be optimistic even though with Manchester United that is an unreasonable hope

There has never been a better opportunity for the Glazers and Ed Woodward to get the fans on board and i hope they don't waste the opportunity even though the little voice in my head is telling me to stop being daft and realise this is nothing more than a cash cow and ONLY a cash cow

To get me back on board and to stop thinking bad but honest things about the long term future of this great football club the following,or at least a lot of it needs to happen

First team
Sign up DDG and Martial.They are both the next 7 or 8 years at least for this club.Make it very clear they are not nor ever will be available for sale under any circumstances for any cost.
Messi is not for sale.Neither are Salah nor van Dijk.Neither is de Bruyne.Neither our two should be available.
They should get long term contracts NOW and have them renewed every season that play top top football
Especially DDG.There is no plan B.There is nothing else at this club coming through the goal keeping ranks.To let him go and then buy Everton or Burnley's keeper would be a serious backwards step in footballing terms and a serious forward step in dividend money terms.
What will the Glazers do?

At fullbacks i would look for a top quality and proven right back.
Keep Valencia on as club captain and cover the way they used Michael Carrick towards the end
Also gives Dalot a chance to learn and show us what he has.We have already seen a little potential but he got his balls handed to him at Anfield.He is a long way off yet.
At left back you have Shaw who is very acceptable.Backed up by Ashley Young who can also go right back ina horrible situation.Nothing to do for me in this position
The centre halves are beyond words.Have been for several years now and there is absolutely no footballing reason why we have not bought a centre half or two.I am convinced that Ed Woodward's action of not buying Jose one of the FIVE names that Ed was given is the reason that Jose decided to leave.I fear the same reaction from the new manager whoever it is
We have clearly missed this boat several times over the years.We have let Pique go.We did not bid for van Dijk.I can only assume that central defenders don't sell important shirts and unless this mentality is reversed,and now, that is the end of any hope of challenging
For me you can sell Bailly,Jones,Smalling

Midfield i am happy mostly with
Matic can play the holding midfield role and also build.
Pogba is a new man
I think Sanchez will be different as well but if he isn't now he never will be so it is up to him
I would give Mata and Herrara both of whom i believe are out of contract one more season.They will cost pie money and both can help teach and plug gaps.
I have one important and expensive requirement for midfield
We are desperate for a Roy Keane type player.One that can get stuck in and drive this team forward and most importantly bully and captain this team on the field
Up front i am happy with Martial,Rashford and i would use Jesse more as an impact player or start him if harrying the opposition is important.He gets away with just chasing around and closing down when it is Cardiff,Bournemouth but a good passing team like Arsenal or Barca would have him chasing shadows
I would get rid of Lukaku.Just not a United style player for me and look for a top quality proven winger.Not an old knackered shirt seller but one that would fit into a Manchester City,Liverpool,PSG set up for the next 4 years

Going down the club nobody gives a shit about the womens team

The youth academy needs putting back in place
There are a couple of promising looking kids coming through now but nowhere near enough and almost sod all for the last 5 years or so
That's Glazernomics

Get a manager,whoever it is asap and stop pissing about saving money.Get a permanent back room set up in place
Get a director of football and give him total freedom to do his thing
Get Ed out of the way looking for a new official toilet paper sponsor or lubricant partner.We no he will always be hovering.For all we know he might actually be one of our owners having got the Glazers the money in the first place but he needs to fornicate off to London out of the way and be replaced by a David Gill type person on footballing matters

Not much to ask for really!!

Any thoughts guys?

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Re: happy new year + new year hopes

Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:49 pm

Happy new year to you Ray and all fellow Reds.

I share all your hopes and ambitions Ray but like you I just can't imagine the Glazers' changing their 'Profit only' policy for a 'Football First' agenda.It's just not in their psyche to do so sadly.

But maybe just maybe the club's board will show some balls and stand up to them.I agree with you about our defence and the need for a midfield enforcer in the Keano mould but who.

Anyway hope springs eternal and maybe Ole will be able to bring in some strong players to beef us up.

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