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Guide to "Account Settings"

Sat Dec 29, 2007 10:12 am

Hello, welcome to the United Lounge.

Account Settings

This section will explain the Account Settings panel. You will learn how it works and what to do to use its options. Through the Account Settings Panel you can manage your membership account and preferences, manage bookmarks and drafts, manage your profile, send and receive Private Messages, see Groups, and manage your Friends and Foes list.

The Account Settings Panel can be found by clicking on the Account Settings text directly below the Board Index.

Once in it you will see an Overview Page

In the Overview Page you will see The Front Page which has Important Announcments.
Also you can access and manage your Bookmarked Threads, Drafts, and Attachments. Lower down you can see your Friends list, you can find your friends' profiles and their posts.

Bookmarked Threads
....are just that, threads that interest you and you want to see easily. Once you bookmark a thread it will show on your Bookmarked list and you can access it by clicking on it. You can also delete threads which no longer interest you by marking the box on the right next to the corresponding thread and selecting delete.


Through the Account Settings Panel you can see and manage your drafts as you would Bookmarks.
Drafts are unfinished posts. You can view, edit or delete your drafts in this area. Before you can load or edit a saved Draft you must first have saved it through the normal message post editor. After you have finished typing click the save button. The Load button will now be active. To re-post a saved Draft click reply or start a new topic as you would do when posting normally. Click on the load button that should now be active and this will take you to your Drafts. Select the Draft you want, and continue writing or finish your post and submit normally. If you wish to save again, you can, but the original save will not be overwritten and a new file will be created. Drafts can only be deleted through the Account Settings panel. Inside the Account Settings you can directly edit an existing Draft without need to load it into a normal post or topic. The Draft editor will save the file as the same filename so if you want to keep the original version unedited you can only edit through a normal message as it will give you a new name.


The profile panel lets you manage your Profile, Signature, Avatar, and account settings.

Profile Panel

Please note that this information will be viewable to other members. Be careful when including any personal details.

Here you have the option to include your personal and contact info.
The contact info includes your email address, any Messenger address, and your website. You may choose to leave these blank as we ask our members not to publically show their contact information. You may exchange contact details through the Private message system, but not on the main board. This rule is to protect you and the Board. By hiding your contact information you wont be open to contact from spammers, touts or any undesirables who may otherwise get your contact details.

Note: If you fill in any personal details please click "No" on the : Users can contact me by e-mail: in the Board Prefrences Panel.

The next boxes are for you Location, Occupation, Interests and Birth Date. Those are optional.

The Following however is mandatory.
Team Supported: Here write the team you support. Most of us will of course fill in Manchester United, however this board welcomes fans of all teams. If you support a club other than United fear not, rival fans are welcome as long as they are honest and respectful.
Following this is an optional box for a second team, if you support one.

Now just press Submit and the information will be saved into the system.

Edit Signature:

This lets you change written or a picture signature which will appear under all your posts.
A signature is a tag that will appear under each of your posts automatically.
This can be a word siggy, limited to 250 characters. A picture siggy, banner type 500 x 80 pixels maximum, is also an option; or a combination of both.
To make a word signature type in what you want, and press submit.
To use a picture signature press the IMG box on the toll bar and insert the http address with the pic. source in between. Press submit, and it will then appear under your every post.
You can edit your signature at anytime.

Edit Avatar:

An Avatar is a small square picture that shows under your name alongside your posts.
There is a ready-made Avatar list provided, or you can import your own.
The Avatar list contains Club Crests, to use it press the Display Gallery button. Click under the Crest of your choice and press Submit.
To use a personalized avatar you have to import the URL location into the space provided and press submit.
Note: When uploading from Imageshack and the like use the Direct Link
(Note: Avatars are automatically set to 90x90 pixels, please do not use pictures which are huge as that will slow the board down)

Edit Account Settings:

Note: To have your username changed please post a thread in the Questions section of the board, provide the username you would like, and it will be done for you.

Here you can also change your email adress and password. To do so you must type in your old email, your new one and confirm it. Same with the password, to have this changed you need to type in your old password and press submit.

Board Prefrences:

Edit Global Settings:

Users can contact me by e-mail: Here you must press on the "NO" option so your email wont be seen publically.

Administrators can e-mail me information: Optional.

Allow users to send you private messages: By pressing no you will not receive any PM's from other posters.
Note that administrators and moderators will always be able to send you messages.

Notify me of new private messages: If yes is pressed than you will receive an email notification everytime you receive a Private message.

Pop up window on new private message: PM's appear as Pop Ups.

Language: There is only one option for British English.

Timezone: You may change the board to appear in your time. Find your corrct timezone and press submit.
Daylight Savings time: Allows you to quickly change the time by one hour withouth changing the timezone.
Date Format: Allows you to change the appearance of dates to that with which you are most comfortable.
Press Submit.

Edit Posting Defaults:

The posting defaults are related to the list of Options you see when posting undearneath your post.

Here you can set the default setting, but you will still have the option of changing them when you post if you need to do so.

Enable BBCode By Default: If you disable the BBCode you wont be able to use the tools inside the post, for example no bold text, no different fonts, etc. Best to leave it on.
Enable Smilies by Default: will let you post smilies.
Attach My Signature by Default : You can switch your Signature on and off.
Notify me on replies by default: Enbable/disable notifications when someone replies to your posts. This option is disabled by the administrators.

Press Submit, and your settings will be changed.

Edit Display Options:

This panel allows you to control that and how much is displayed on your screen. If you have a slow internet connection you might want to disable signatures and avatars as that would speed up page loading. Disabling the word censor will allow you to see the filtered (mostly swear) words as they were written (but others will see them filtered). However we suggest that you leave it on. You also have diffrent options for looking at threads and posts. Feel free to choose what is most comfortable.

Private Messages

This panel allows you to send, receive and manage your Private Messaages (PMs). However Regular members are not allowed to send PMs, only receive them. Please delete any old messages you may have received as your Inbox is set to a limit of 25 messages and you wont be able to receive further ones till you do. Warnings will also be sent to you through the PM function, delete them after you receive them and the record of it will also be deleted.


This panel allows you to see the different usergroups and its members (by clicking on the Group). Users are automatically assigned Regular Member status. The status of a member can only be changed by the Administrators. The different groups (other then Regular Member) are: Global Moderators, Assistant Referees, Restricted Access and VIPs. The functions of each are explained in the Posting Policy and Guide.

Friends and Foes

This Panel allows you to manage your Friends and Foes list. The functions of each are explained in the Posting User Guide. Here you can add and remove your Friends or Foes. To do so you must type in the username of someone you want to add, or click on the find member and add them through the list. Press Submit and your Friend or Foe will be added

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