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Tom Curry

Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:06 am

[hr][/hr] TOM CURRY [hr][/hr]
Tom Curry was born September 1st, 1894 in South Shields, near Newcastle. He was a player for Newcastle United as a wing or half back (or defensive midfield in todays terminology). Tom was signed from amateur club South Shields in 1912 but would not make his debut for 7 years.

It is not know if Tom served during the Great War, but at 20 years of age at it's outbreak, one must assume he did.

When football resumed in 1919 Tom made his professional debut for the Magpie at the age of 25. He played against Arsenal that day but was not a regular as the Newcastle team contained several excellent wing and half backs at that time. In the early 20s Newcastle had a very good team and were often challengers for the Football League Championship. Newcastle won the FA Cup in 1924 but without Tom. Tom went on to make 221 apperances for the magpies. In a 1990s poll Tom was voted 88th greatest Newcastle United player of all time.


In 1929 he left Newcastle on a free transfer to Stockport County, a year later becoming Carlisle United trainer. Tom joined Manchester United in the mid-30s as the Trainer. In those days a trainer was half fitness coach and half technical coach. Matt Busby held Tom in such high regard he asked Tom to stay with the club when he was appointed manager in 1946 and once stated Tom was "the best trainer in Britian"

In 1948 Tom was appointed trainer to the Great Britain Olympic football team, managed by Matt Busby.

Tom was killed, February 6th, 1958 at Munich.

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