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Hattrick Heroes

Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:29 am

Number of hattricks scored in competitive matches

Law, Denis[tab][/tab]18[tab][/tab]

Rowley, Jack[tab][/tab]12[tab][/tab]

Viollet, Dennis[tab][/tab]9[tab][/tab]

Charlton, Bobby[tab][/tab]7[tab][/tab]

Herd, David[tab][/tab]6[tab][/tab]

Pearson, Stan[tab][/tab]6[tab][/tab]

Reid, Tommy[tab][/tab]6[tab][/tab]

van Nistelrooy, Ruud[tab][/tab]6[tab][/tab]

Best, George[tab][/tab]5[tab][/tab]

Cassidy, Joe[tab][/tab]5[tab][/tab]

Cole, Andy[tab][/tab]5[tab][/tab]

Spence, Joe[tab][/tab]5[tab][/tab]

Taylor, Tommy[tab][/tab]5[tab][/tab]

Dawson, Alex[tab][/tab]4[tab][/tab]

Donaldson, Bob[tab][/tab]4[tab][/tab]

Hughes, Mark[tab][/tab]4[tab][/tab]

Turnbull, Sandy[tab][/tab]4[tab][/tab]

Bamford, Tommy[tab][/tab]3[tab][/tab]

Boyd, Henry[tab][/tab]3[tab][/tab]

Farman, Alf[tab][/tab]3[tab][/tab]

Peddie, Jack[tab][/tab]3[tab][/tab]

Picken, Jack[tab][/tab]3[tab][/tab]

Turnbull, Jimmy[tab][/tab]3[tab][/tab]

Yorke, Dwight[tab][/tab]3[tab][/tab]

Halse, Harold[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Beddow, Clem[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Bryant, Willie[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

McClair, Brian[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Pegg, Dick[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Quixall, Albert[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Rawlings, Bill[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Ritchie, Andy[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Rooney, Wayne[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Sagar, Charlie[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Scholes, Paul[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Solskjaer, Ole[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Taylor, Chris[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Wall, George[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Whelan, Liam[tab][/tab]2[tab][/tab]

Dewar, Neil[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Goldthorpe, Ernie[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Gowling, Alan[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Hanson, Jimmy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Manley, Tom[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Mitten, Charlie[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Smith, Dick[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Tevez, Carlos[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Allan, Jack[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Anderson, George[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Bain, David[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Boyd, Billy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Bullock, Jimmy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Connelly, John[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Coupar, Jimmy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Daly, Gerry[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Duckworth, Dick[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Gillespie, Matthew[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Greenhoff, Jimmy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Hanlon, Jimmy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Henderson, William[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Hill, Gordon[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Jenkyns, Caesar[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Kanchelskis, Andrei[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Kennedy, William[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Lawton, Nobby[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Macari, Lou[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

McIlroy, Sammy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

McPherson, Frank[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Morgan, Willie[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Morris, Johnny[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Mutch, George[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Olsen, Jesper[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Pearson, Stuart[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Peters, James[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Rennox, Charlie[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Ronaldo, Cristiano[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Rowley, Harry[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Scanlon, Albert[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Sharpe, Lee[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Sheringham, Teddy[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Stapleton, Frank[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Stewart, Willie[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Tevez, Carlos[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Webster, Colin[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

West, Enoch[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Whiteside, Norman[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

Williams, Fred[tab][/tab]1[tab][/tab]

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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Wed May 14, 2008 12:50 am

Lawman did mention that Denis had enumerous hat-tricks, but 18 is an absurd number. :shock: :shock:
So in the 237 goals that he scored, 54 were in games that he scored hat-tricks, witch means that 23% of his goals made part of hat-tricks. Shocking.
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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Wed May 14, 2008 12:57 am

Wow. I never new law was such a top scorer. I mean, i knew he was a fantastic player but 18 hattricks is awesome :o

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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Thu May 15, 2008 11:01 pm

I assume thats just his United figures too, not including the ones he scored for Huddersfield, Torino and that other team :P

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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:21 am

Denis never scored a hattrick for City or Huddersfield

This is his City record

37 goals in 67 appearances for Manchester City

What is heartbreaking there is that 22 of those goals where scored in the season we sold him for nothing, and to add further insult to injury our top score for the season was Sammy Mcilroy who managed to find the net a monumental 6 times in all competitions - 6 versus 22 thanks for nothing Docherty

Even worse is the fact that Denis scored 6 goals in the first half for City against Luton Town in the Cup, the match was abandoned just on 50 minutes and in the replayed fixture City lost 3-1, with Denis scoring their only goal

The feat is not in the record books sadly only as a trivia question now

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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:14 am

any updated numbers on hat trick?

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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:34 pm

robertbrian23 wrote:any updated numbers on hat trick?
I'll chase it up.


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Reserve Team Coach
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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:25 pm

Here's a current list of those who have 3 or more hat-tricks:

Law, Denis18

Rowley, Jack12

Viollet, Dennis9

Rooney, Wayne8

Charlton, Bobby7

Herd, David6

Pearson, Stan6

Reid, Tommy6

van Nistelrooy, Ruud6

Best, George5

Cassidy, Joe5

Cole, Andy5

Spence, Joe5

Taylor, Tommy5

Dawson, Alex4

Donaldson, Bob4

Hughes, Mark4

Turnbull, Sandy4

Berbatov, Dimitar4

Bamford, Tommy3

Boyd, Henry3

Farman, Alf3

Peddie, Jack3

Picken, Jack3

Turnbull, Jimmy3

Yorke, Dwight3

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Re: Hattrick Heroes

Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:25 pm

Unfortunately other than Martial I don't see any of the current players(Rooney excepted obviously) who are likely to join the multiple hat trick club any time soon and Martial probably won't before next season at the earliest.

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